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This is not a bat. Nor a alien creature. It’s a cat. Precisely the Ukrainian Levkoy, cat breed that aroused from a feline model literally drawn by the idealizer, the Russian Elena Biryukova. Living in Ukraine has more than 50 years, Elena breeds cats has 18 years. In 2000, she gained from a friend one Don Sphinx, Russian breed without coat. Impressed with the different look of the cat, she started to imagine how could became still more bizarre. With a pencil and paper in the hand, she scraped the new and very pitoresc feline. He would have ears folded forward, reminds the ones of the Scottish Fold breed, but bigger, not too much approached to the head nor to much close each other. The cat also should have wrinkles, absence of coat, slender physical (structure), elongated body, angled head and almond eyes. She knew that mixture the Don Sphinx with the Scottish Fold wouldn’t be enough, since these breeds haven’t all of these glimpsed (idealized) features. Elena would need prepare the ancestral to the boldness project. She selected individuals of the Don Sphinx that most close to her purpose and mixtured them with cats of Peterbald breed, marked for the almost absence of the coat. Simultaneously (In parallel), she worked with the selection of Scottish Fold’s individuals and with the mixture among them and Orientals and cats without defined breed. Almost five years goes by (passed) until she obtained a couple of cats whose the appearance promised to give life the cat of the drawing. The female came from your matings working with the Don Sphinx. The male, from the bloodline of the Scottish Fold. They mate themselves (each other). In January of 2004, was born the pioneer litter. They were three little cats. All of them presented desirable characteristics. But one in special close itself still more to model illustrated by Elena. It was called Levkoy Primero and become itself the percursor (the father) of the breed. Since there, new matings had been done. Although rare, the Ukrainian Levkoy is already bred for around 15 breeders, all in Russia and Ukraine. It is also counts with a specialized society, the Catteries Union of Hairless Fold Cats of Ukrainian Levkoy Breed, and with the official recognition of the International Cat Fanciers Association Rolandus Union International association little known, but with international acting. The current population of the breed is calculated between 50 and 60 cats. More information in the website http://levkoy.com or with the breeder Elena, by the e-mail ladacats@ukr.net

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