Эксперт из Нидерландов Peter Paul MOORMAN  

Эксперт по всем породам кошек из Нидерландов Peter Paul MOORMAN
прислал свой отзыв о выставке кошек и об УКРАИНСКИХ ЛЕВКОЯХ . 19 ноября 2005

I enjoyed it very much to judge again at the RUI Cat Show. The show is well organized and the ring system combined with the traditional title system is highly attractive. Furthermore the show hall is excellent with good daylight.
I judged on the Sunday. It would go too far to discuss all the cats in details. Instead I’ll mention the cats that impressed me. In the kittens I had chosen three toppers. That was easy, but it was quite difficult to decide which one was the best. I had a very nice blue cream point female Color Point (Benua Francheska Bell-Flower) with a gorgeous long coat, already lovely points and a nice type. However eye color was rather pale and I would like to see the eyes slightly larger. But in my heart I liked her. I mean a cat I would like to have at home. Then I had a nice Oriental chestnut spotted tabby male (Iksander Grand Aristos) with a lovely elegant body and a well typed head with good large ears, set well. Eye color and form were okay, but the eyes were a bit deep set. On the whole this kitten definitely had allure. The third one was a shaded cameo female American Curl (Luckyness Cleo Lucky) with an outstanding eye color, a very nice facial expression and a lovely type of head. The body was well balanced and the coat was well groomed. What to do? If the differences are so small things as posture, temper and charisma become crucial. My sweet little color point played the Sleeping Beauty, the Oriental displayed all its charms (what a lovely temper!), and the curl acted as ‘’I am the Natural Beauty’’. The curl won.

In the adult section rank order was much easier. There was a gorgeous brown tabby blotched Exotic male (Garden Paradise Hunter) with almost perfect head – body proportions, a well typed head with a nice open face, excellent large, deep orange eyes, and quite small ears. The markings were good, only a little too black on the back. The ground color could be richer brown, but these remarks are minor points. The total cat was superb and he won. Second became a blue Scottish Fold (Kedr Vitiaz) with deep orange eyes, excellent folded ears, an excellent type of head, a lovely dense coat and a nice uniform color blue. Definitely a cat with future. Third became a seal point female Don Sphynx (Child of Space Verona Dream Land).
She had a superb ‘’tulip shaped’’ ear setting, many wrinkles, an excellent nude skin, a well balanced body, and a mysterious feminine expression. I liked her very much.

The overall quality of the cats was good. The standard of the Persians was good as well. Still there aren’t many semi-long hairs, which I deeply regret. I was pleased to see a good Kurilian Bobtail. However there were many Sphynx breeds. The Peterbold had a lovely skin.

The highlight of the show was the judging of the Ukrainian Levkoy which has a provisional status. Again a Sphynx breed but now with folded ears, which remind us of ears of a fox terrier. This cat should have a dog like appearance. The Levkoy has a step profile, e.g. the flat forehead and the nose line are parallel with a break in between which gives the idea of the steps of a staircase. I my latest article for Rolandus I have described the Chinese cat with folded ears. The head of the Levkoy resembles the head of this ancient Chinese breed. I think they are funny creatures.

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